Montag, 24. Oktober 2016

"The Tomb" Collection

Today we start the collection of "The Tomb" with a lot of features.

  • 2 Tomb Versions
  • Tomb HUD for choosing of 9 Flower Types and 18 Dirt Types
  •  Fog

  • On/Off Candle Flame with Smoke Effect (click the Wick)
  • On/Off Sound Effects with approx 6 Minutes of Sound Length before it loop (click the Dirt)
  • On/Off Fog, its handmade Texture and not Standard (click the Fog-Prim)
  • Land Impact: approx 4
  • Permissions/Rights: Yes Copy, Yes Modify, No Transfer
  • All Scripts are No Modify!

 "The Tomb" is available as different Sets and as variety of Packs.

If you need a DEMO please try the DEMO-Rezzer at our IN-WORLD STORE.

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